Thursday, August 12, 2010

A New Project!

I decided to take a side jaunt into JoAnns today to see if my change would stretch into a few needles, some yarn and a couple of other needed items for knitting as well as a sheet of foam for a new mouse pad(which works great and was only 69 cents!). Not too many sales going on for the yarn that I wanted...I can never find enough charcoal color...but at least the hooks and needles were on sale for 25 % off. Getting to the counter however, I noticed a girl behind the counter ( I say girl but she has been an adult for at least 2 years...vanity, thy name is woman...) that I previously taught in church when she was about 13! She waves me over and says that she will give me a discount! Yay!! Got 40% off on almost everything and was Indeed able to stretch my change! I have to admit, God is always in the middle of everything! Now to get busy knitting in the round this time with my new double pointed needles...I am thinking to start my learning off with just gloves, then move on to hats and maybe...much later...socks. : )

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