Monday, August 30, 2010

Need a local yarn shop!

For a while now, I have been buying yarn at Walmart when I can because I don't have to drive for 30 minutes to get there.  Today, I had to go to get fish food (for some reason the fish think they should eat a couple of times a day...)and I could tell as soon as I walked in that things were changing.  I walked into the nursery entrance, and as soon as I got into the regular part of the store, I was greeted with arts and crafts...not the usual array of plant food and fertilizers that are normally there.   Not good.  The arts and crafts were missing some things too.  I know what you are thinking..."Didn't they tell us all they were phasing out the material section?"  and yes, I know that too.  But really...why My Walmart?  Did they have to start taking the things I enjoy out of My Walmart?  I am already having difficulty finding the yarn I need.  Yes, I am glad they still have Peaches and Cream cotton yarn but I really would like to see more Charcoal colored wool or wool blends.  This is a dream obviously, that will never happen.  Now I have to drive out of the way to get to Joanns where I will have to pay much more and still not see much charcoal.  We really need a local yarn shop here!!!  And if there is one, Someone needs to tell me where it is!  Okay....I'm off my soap box now and I think I will pick up the double pointed needles and paprika cotton cuff I am working on and continue.....

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