Friday, August 20, 2010

Love to Help

I had to make an early trip to Walmart this morning.  Along with all the groceries at the check out I had a couple of peaches and cream fall colors of cotton and a pkg of darning needles.  "Kimberly", the check out woman started talking about how her sewing machine was broken and she couldn't hem up her shower curtain.   She had taken it to the sewing center and they wanted $50 to fix it!  I reminded her that it would be easy to hem by hand to which she replied, "I'm too lazy to do that", probably meaning, I work all the time and don't have the energy to do that when I get off.  She then talked about making her husbands shirts and pants and her own maternity clothes when she was younger and still had children in the house.  Reminded of how my own mother used to do this for everyone in the house, I found myself wanting to help this woman.  I have 3 sewing machines and could certainly loan one out.  I ended up leaving my phone number and name with her and told her to call me and I would loan her one.  She was so surprised that I would help her!  Have we really come down that low in this world that people would be surprised at someone wanting to help out?  That's really sad.  Well I have decided that I am going to make more of a point to help others needing it this year!  Maybe I will add some new friends along the way too!

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