Wednesday, September 15, 2010

James' Raccoon Hat

My 10yr old has wanted a raccoon hat (been nagging for one really for about a week and a half now!) and I have finally gotten around to finishing it...  He likes very colorful things and right now his favorite colors just so happen to coincide with the Gators colors...hmmm...   So his hat is very colorful!  I believe that kids should get to express their imagination as they see things , as long as it is tasteful.  I think as long as he is just asking for a hat to wear, what difference does it make if it is not traditional... He doesn't have a tattoo, or piercings all over or break the law so a colorful hat is Just fine!  What do you think?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paprika Gloves or First knitting in the Round Project!

I love the look of a seamless project!  Up until now, I have knitted all my projects flat...on regular needles.  Oh, I have had double pointed needles for about 3 weeks now but have not had the patience to continue working with them.  They lay in the corner taunting after day......after day!  I finally got mad enough to pick them up and do something with them!  I will not be beat by 4 skinny pieces of metal!!!  Not only did I learn to knit in the round, I also figured out how to make a thumb in the round after leaving it for the rest of the glove.  I am still perfecting this but it doesn't look to bad and I will have it figured out by the next time I go back to knitting gloves in the round!  Here they are!!  I love the feel of the cotton on my yummy!!   Makes me want to put them up to my face and rub
them like a little kid with his blanket! LOL  If you are just
starting out knitting and are interested in knitting in the round but maybe need some help, here is a book by Jeanne Stauffer on it.  Let me know how it goes!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun Hats!

The kids always start asking about hats when school starts.  I usually will do about one a week till everyone has one but this time I am a little ahead of schedule.  I will get 2 more done before Friday!  The current hat my freshman has asked for is a Raccoon crochet hat which I am almost done with.  Of course my grade schooler wants one with different colors!  He likes being noticed but the highschooler does not.  I am writing down my patterns as I go and will probably post one up soon!  Let me know if you like this hat!  I need some feedback other than a teenager's! lol