Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paprika Gloves or First knitting in the Round Project!

I love the look of a seamless project!  Up until now, I have knitted all my projects flat...on regular needles.  Oh, I have had double pointed needles for about 3 weeks now but have not had the patience to continue working with them.  They lay in the corner taunting me......day after day......after day!  I finally got mad enough to pick them up and do something with them!  I will not be beat by 4 skinny pieces of metal!!!  Not only did I learn to knit in the round, I also figured out how to make a thumb in the round after leaving it for the rest of the glove.  I am still perfecting this but it doesn't look to bad and I will have it figured out by the next time I go back to knitting gloves in the round!  Here they are!!  I love the feel of the cotton on my hands....so yummy!!   Makes me want to put them up to my face and rub
them like a little kid with his blanket! LOL  If you are just
starting out knitting and are interested in knitting in the round but maybe need some help, here is a book by Jeanne Stauffer on it.  Let me know how it goes!

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